What is Edumatrix

It is an eco-tool that leaves children in their natural 3D space where the senses, those which are not simulated by 2D space, are activated in an intuitive way. Thanks to this, a student enters right into the middle of programming, thinks abstractly and effectively achieves the intended educational goals. Coding and programming become entertainment!

The assets of Edumatrix
3D space
A student enters right into the middle of programming Together with Edumatrix, a child stays in a 3D space that is natural for him or her. An important role is played by adequate stimulation of the cerebral hemispheres as each hemisphere performs appropriate tasks. The 3D space, unlike notebooks, tablets and smartphones, stimulates the left hemisphere of the brain. The left hemisphere develops sequential, analytical and linear information. It works according to the schedule, organizes sequences, processes rules, searches for one logical way to solve a problem. We can see that stimulating children with a flat image, without stimulation of the left hemisphere of the brain, has a negative effect on learning as well as logical and sequential thinking. (Cieszyńska - Rożek J., 2013)
Coding and programming


Edumatrix tworzy nową przestrzeń edukacyjną pozwalającą rozwijać umiejętności i wiedzę z obszaru logiki, matematyki, informatyki (myślenia komputacyjnego), kodowania i programowania. Myślenie komputacyjne to zbiór praktyk, których źródło leży w informatyce, ale jest ono przydatne przy rozwiązywaniu problemów z różnych dziedzin aktywności człowieka, daleko poza informatyką.


Using computational thinking is able to shape such elements as:

  • Trust and confidence in dealing with complex problems;
  • Tenacity in dealing with difficult problems;
  • Tolerance for ambiguity and vagueness;
  • Ability to work with open problems for which there are no solutions;
  • Ability to co-operate in order to achieve a common goal. (Sysło M., 2017)
  1. The student-student work
  2. The student-teacher work
Edumatrix is a tool that encourages students to co-operate and discuss educational issues. Children naturally build healthy interactions in which they put their whole heart. Solving tasks during the lesson is full of emotions.
Searching for solutions - logical thinking


Creative thinking is accompanied by the creation of many different approaches to a problem. Considering the least obvious ways to solve it equally to the obvious ones. The desire to discover different points of view, even when one of them seems to lead to a solution, is important.


Basic principles that are significant while organizing creative thinking exercises are as follows:

  • We all have imagination and we can all develop it;
  • To have a few good ideas, one needs to have a lot of ideas;
  • There are no correct answers, they are only more or less useful ones;
  • One should never be content with the first idea or solution;
  • It is not a mistake that is a failure but the lack of an idea what to do. (Edward de Bono 1995)
The eco-tool

Edumatrix wooden elements are pleasant to touch, they stimulate the development of a child's manual abilities and positively influence his or her perception and feeling.

Wood, the material used for manufacturing Edumatrix is a raw material that is fully reproducible by nature. The time of growth of wood raw material, i.e. beech and birch wood, needed to produce one set of Edumatrix by our Polish forests is less than a second.

Positive emotions
 Children love these small, pleasant to touch colourful blocks with many symbols, thanks to which one can arrange, build and even write programs. The blocks allow one to use unlimited imagination, both of children's and the teachers' one.
You learn while playing

The friendly and pictorial programming language of Edumatrix allows one to have fun while learning. Thanks to Edumatrix, one can get to know intuitively (at the beginning, by implementing only two simple operations - motion and drawing) the basic elements of a programming language, such as downloading and processing data, repetition (loops) and decision making.

The tool of practitioners

Edumatrix is a materialized vision of the enthusiasts of Polish education who have fantastically sensed the pace and direction of children's development. Edumatrix has been created to teach a programming language. The originator of the tool is Mr Tomasz Kopczyński, PhD, and practically it has been shaped by Mr Adam Jaronicki, a teacher with many years of experience.

The Authors  

Adam Jaronicki, an IT engineer, graduated from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow and the University of Bielsko-Biała. Since 1998, he has been a teacher and IT specialist in a community high school and junior high school, where he developed and implemented authorial curricula and methods for activating class work. He co-operates with methodological centres and universities in the field of preparing teaching materials and teaching classes. The author of a series of articles published in the "Enter" computer magazine and the "Linux Plus" computer magazine.

Tomasz Kopczyński; a teacher and a lecturer in IT subjects in high school and at the University of Silesia with over ten years of experience. The creator of "The Master of Coding" [in Polish: "Mistrz kodowania"] authorial programme for primary school students. The author of publications in the field of shaping computational competences. He is a co-founder of the Coderdojo group in Bielsko-Biała, aiming at propagating broadly understood ICT and STEM skills among young people. The head of two editions of the international Hour of Code project, aimed at promoting the science of basics of programming among children.

The cost-effective solution


  • Edumatrix can be used in many areas of education,
  • the time passes and its value remains unchanged,
  • it does not need to be updated,
  • it is trouble-free and reliable,
  • for generations,
  • Edumatrix is an economical alternative.

The Edumatrix set is intended for two students. Each set has the same two boards, called matrices and over 200 wooden functional blocks.


The set has been made with exceptional precision of the highest quality materials. All blocks and a box have been made of beech wood, and the matrices have been made of birch plywood. The colourful blocks have been coloured with eco-friendly paints and the prints have been made using the light-curing method.


A teaching aid that can be used for many years without losing its value - as it is the case of aging of electronic devices.


Over the past three years, the demand for programmers has increased by about 30 percent. According to experts, this trend will be maintained, providing work to more and more people and tempting with higher and higher remuneration.


This influences global development and increasing the demand for mobile applications, without which many people cannot live anymore. It can be said that programming is a great profession because it involves not only such features as the ability to think analytically but also the ability to deal with different situations that require a flexible approach.


Furthermore, it stimulates the eyesight, develops social contacts, teaches teamwork, maintaining tidiness and order in the workplace, and it is the most economical proposal to equip classes with didactic aids for teaching programming.