A teacher's assistant

The possibilities of a teacher

Individualize tasks and requirements for individual students or teams;

Create conditions for group work, choosing the composition of teams, which can trigger good co-operation and positive emotions;

Stimulate the emergence of sound competition.

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Edumatrix teaching method


It creates great opportunities for the proper development of fine motor skills of an early school child because it does not burden children with too early and too intensive use of various types of electronic devices.


It is an alternative solution to teaching computer science, delaying the commencement of using a computer. A child 1st - 3rd grades, thanks to the Edumatrix teaching method, acquires the basics and readiness for programming at subsequent grades.


It takes into account the assumptions of holistic pedagogy, shaping a student for the world that does not exist yet. It prepares potential employees for the professions of the future.


It follows the child's educational needs in the areas of coding and programming.


It teaches shaping of computational thinking, analysis and logical thinking, solving problems of varying degrees of difficulty.