Edumatrix is an eco-tool that leaves children in their natural 3D space. By co-operation, the students enter right into the middle of programming and effectively achieve educational goals

What is Edumatrix?

It is a Polish product developed by teachers and scientists in order to support children’s natural developmental needs, which is why it works at various stages of education, from kindergarten to the end of primary school.

Edumatrix allows one to combine mathematical, logical and IT issues. It allows one to present them to children in a pictorial, easy and even funny way, using their complete initiative and creativity.

The content of the set

A wooden box with the dimensions of
32 cm x 32 cm x 4,5 cm

(1 pc)

Boards with two-sided overprints
of 30 cm x 30 cm x 0.3 cm

(2 pcs)

Edumatrix teaching method
and lesson plans

(1 pc)

Mobile application on android
Mrs Kinga's Academy


A set of blocks

The blocks of colours, letters and numbers, mathematical operators, Roman numerals, symbols appropriate to the language of programming, random cubes and blocks of a cursor.

A total of 206 pieces

Users' opinions

I am a parent and a teacher.
My son Miłosz, who was less than three and a half years old, received Edumatrix. After six months of our play (but also learning!), he reads letters and arranges them, creating inscriptions, reads and arranges two-digit numbers and, in the case of single-digit numbers, he understands their values and order, and he can add and subtract by one.

Adam Jaronicki

The need for computational thinking, teaching programming an early school child is a unique challenge for teachers, researchers in the field of neuroscience, parents, looking for a visual programming environment adapted to the requirements of a child at a younger school age. A student of 1st - 3rd grades learns through empiricism, imitation, observation, manipulating objects, independent approach to solutions, often by trial and error, using properly designed teaching aids. The team working on Edumatrix has been equal to this task.

Emilia Gibiec

I suppose that the creators of these blocks do not know all the possibilities of this tool. Edumatrix allows one to touch and feel programming as if one were in the middle of the whole process. The computer will not capture it.

Marek Adamaszek